Nico Bassill

On the darkest night in twenty centuries on Jupiter's molten sulfur moon, a mad scientist schemed to create a potent new race. In his arrogance, he spliced genetic material from the Universe's most ancient and powerful race with the fabled and powerful substance, Dark Matter. Little did he know, a pack of thresher wolves stalked him on his way to the lab. The carnage of that night blackens the memories of the investigators tasked to study the Matter.

Many revolutions around Jupiter later, the she-wolf matriarch of the pack that devoured wholesale the radioactive experiment on that fateful night birthed a most unusual litter. Every member of this litter would one day terrorize the universe with their cunning and precision. Even more surprising than the savagery and intelligence of the wolves born that day was this: among the ichor and glowing afterbirth lay the first native humanoid of Io, the dread lord Nico.


Nico's Portfolio